Dorsa Intelligent Form Detector
June 8, 2020

Dorsa RW

Dorsa RW

DorsaRW provides the ability to store, search and edit documents for the permitted users. This software is generated based on DocuWare features and has almost the same efficiency and unlimited number of users can work with it. DorsaRW users will have their own permission levels for storing, searching and editing the documents. This module helps you to create documents in a new user interface with numerous new features and services such as management reports on the dashboard which meets business needs of your organization.


Import the documents to the tray

  • Ability to clip multiple documents


  • Ability to view document, zoom in, zoom out, display history, download and rotate the images

Save the documents in the file cabinet

  • Save documents with its indexes

Search for documents

  • Search by all document indexes

Edit documents

  • Ability to edit document files and indexes with versioning

Delete documents

  • Ability to delete documents according to permissions