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    Document Management System
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Document Management System
Document Management System
Document Management System or DMS controls and organizes documents in an organization. It is also possible to manage processes that track, store, and control documents in management issues, documents of great importance. In general, how to store, manage, and track electronic documents in an organization can be defined as document management (EDMS).
Technical Features
Web access to the software and access through the Windows file browser
Scanning, storing, archiving and indexing documents simultaneously with storage and data entry
Quick and easy access to documents and the ability to edit documents through the Dakivar Observer
Megapixel documents through Dakivver's viewer
Ability to save documents through the print button on your system
Integrate web forms with paper forms and design, edit and manage web forms with a simple designer
Web Form Integration with Workflow Documents
Read single-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes
Connect smartphone apps with the Dockieur app
Design and edit the workflow through the designer of DuckyWor's workflow
Connect to SharePoint, Email, Outlook, and other applications through the Dockyour Smart Connect
Connect with different databases
Certificates and Credentials
The most important clients of the Portal Capital are a set of web pages that are interconnected, and this collection allows you to see various resource information in one place. Users in Dora, the most important capital of the corporate portal, are a set of web pages that are interconnected, and this The collection allows you to see the various sources of information in one go.
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